Shipping/Receiving Supervisor

Job Summary
This position is responsible for the planning, organizing, and monitoring of the shipping, receiving, material handling & warehousing departments. Supervises workers who confirm and record the receipt of goods, materials & services, customer shipments, prepare items for shipping, and load and unload trucks. Supervises material handling and warehousing personnel & duties. Also responsible for managing the inter-departmental transport of materials. Ensure that our focus remains on servicing the customer.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Complete or delegate the following Responsibilities:
Verify and document all receipts of incoming materials, goods and services, including transactions within ERP system
Verify counts and identification of all incoming & outgoing shipments, including transactions within ERP system
Ensure that deliveries are loaded, packaged correctly, billed out and leave the facility in a timely manner in order to meet customer requirements.
Schedule method of transportation for outgoing shipments to customers based on customer mandated routing instructions, internal direction or customer portals.
Supports outgoing trucking, packaging and scheduling.
Contact carrier representative to make arrangements and to issue instructions for the shipping of materials.
Generate and complete all packing lists, labels, tags and bill of ladings required to comply with customer requirements and internal standards on all outgoing shipments. Make sure all paper work is complete and accurate.
Strong communication skills with both internal & external customers via phone/email.
Knowledge of efficient trailer loading procedures and proper material handling techniques as well as instructional skills.
Follow up and assistance of operators regarding tagging (753 QWI-1).
Stage materials for receiving inspection.
Conferring and corresponding with establishment representatives to rectify problems, such as damages, shortages and nonconformance to specifications.
Performing light Quality Control to ensure that products are going to the correct areas.
Performing general cleanup and maintenance of your work area.
Communicate in advance any potential shipment shortages to Planning.
Distribute materials to appropriate departments after inspection.
Work with production cell leaders to stage materials for setups, ensure flow of supply to and from work areas, and assist them with any other logistical issues with material flow.
Ensure safe storage of finished goods to prevent damage and loss
Rotate stock by using the FIFO method to prevent obsolescence and spoilage (rust).
Monitor, with the assistance of HR, the training levels of all individuals within their department. (Training Matrix (622e QF-1). Specific attention should be given to Crane and Forklift training and licensing.
Communicate to each operator the importance of the QMS; specifically its' role in customer satisfaction.
Continually communicate to all operators any and all changes affecting the QMS via Record of Department Meeting Participation (553 QF-2).
Verify with maintenance the records of equipment associated with the department.
Report the receipt of and/or damage of any customer supplied materials.
Assist the other cell leaders in the preparation of the 5S methodology.
With the assistance of the operators within the cell, identify and document Continuous Improvement opportunities.
Identify and provide solutions to department performance and systemic issues.
When called upon, assist in the MRB process.
Process PO receipts within Intuitive.
Process "Warehouse Transfer" transactions within Intuitive.
Place HOLD tags on product they determine to be suspect. (QMSf-7.5.3-6).
Stop activity with their department when safety is compromised
Other duties as directed.

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